год основания:
Нина и Гванца Мачарашвили

'Tsunami Crystal' - Tsunami drop


it’s all about crystylized and sparkling collection but the inspiration is very deep and painful issue, it’s a SOS theme for all human beings. It’s about 2048 year and an empty ocean. It’s about climate change but not only; We think we have to change the way of thinking and acting with nature, with earth . We have to act like the nature is god and the god is the nature. Because nowadays it’s easier to get free WiFi than it’s to get free,clear water and people act like nothing is wrong with the world. We don’t realize that there is the era of Eco terrorism, we are destroy nature, we are destroy animal lives. There’s going a tragedy of the ocean trash, because almost every single trash is going to the ocean by the sewer pipes, so the plastic trash break down into a smaller and smaller micro plastics, pieces of plastic that are less than 5mm. Finally it reaches to ocean where fishes and birds may mistake small pieces of trash for food. And after that poisoned ocean and animals, people are eating poisoned fish and drink poisoned water.  


Everything about the oil industry—drilling, moving, laying pipeline, shipping—opens up the biggest possibility for water pollution. Is not it clear that we can’t drink oil? The climate is changing why are not we? 


Water is the world and world is the water. It covers 71% of the earth surface and the human body contains about 70% water, as well the human being starts its life in water. 


Water contains of many sparkling crystals, shining drops and it has a memory, water hears and remembers everything, i.e. Receives and saves information that a person puts into in. Water reacts to love and reacts to aggression.

All the power of the negative of mankind is accumulated by water and is 'discharged' through floods, torrents, etc. The earth also acts exactly 

Earthquakes, volcanoes, Tsunami, hurricanes are the result of the 'creation' of mankind. 

We have to save our planet, we have to protect it by pollution. We have to realize that there are alternatives to oil and gas, but there is no alternative to water. 

If there won't be a clear and unsafe water, there won't be life, there won't be blue and green on the earth, there won't be us. 


So, there is only one answer: 

Protect Your Water! Protect your Planet!

Do Not Destroy! Say no to eco terrorism! Save the earth, save our lives! We have to understand that there is no Palnet B.