As a leading educational institution in Russia, Institute of Business and Design every year graduates highly skilled creative specialists. Special attention is paid to meet the educational quality requirements and international standards.


One of the major priorities for the Institute is fashion industry, represented by Apparel Design Department.


The educational process for students of this specialization is a whole complex of special disciplines such as: Technical Design, Image Studies, Modeling, Prototyping, Design Methods, Fashion Materials, Design Illustration, Drawing, Painting, Art History, Fashion History, History of Apparel Design and many others.


The most of the programs are based on authors’ methodologies and developments which aim at the development of every student’s creative potential. The course consists of practical training which gives students a unique opportunity to experiment and create several mini-collections a year. Master-classes given by famous Russian and foreign fashion designers also make up an essential part of the educational process.


As a result our alumni develop their unique Individual style.

The Institute successfully combines the innovative and traditional approaches to the educational process. We improve constantly and support our students in searching their own creative career path.