Alexey Volegov was born in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk Territory, in a military family. He was conceived on Mount Elbrus. Alexey spent his childhood in the sewing factory, falling asleep to the noise of sewing machines and steam generators. Since childhood, he devoted all his free time to sports: swimming, acrobatics, athletics and ballroom dancing, from the age of 2 he started skiing. In 2001, he moved with his family to the Astrakhan region the city of Akhtubinsk where at the age of 5 Alexey went to the gymnasium. In 2007 he entered the art school. P.I. Kotov. In the same year he took up photography and enjoys it still. After graduating from school at the age of 16 he moved to Moscow and entered MSUDT in the direction of "Sociology in the fashion industry." He earned money for the first dummy working like a waiter. In 2016, he created his first collection "From Shadow to the Light". The starting point of his career can be considered a victory in the Formula Style competition in 2017, where Alexey together with accessories designer Nikita Yermakov made a collaboration and won Grant-pri with the collection Marlene Dietrich, which made a big impression and got the opportunity to show itself in the framework of the international
contest "Point of Ru" at Moscow Fashion Week. In the summer of the same year he was included in the list of the golden youth of Russia and invited to the "Presidential Forum of Tavrida" in the design change where together with his team he created the collection "Russian" - the stylization of Russian culture in the silhouettes of modern times. In 2017 he entered the magistracy of the Russian State University. A.N. Kosygin in the direction of "The art of costume and textiles." In 2018 he created the collection "Dark side" and demonstrated it in the framework of the Russian Fashion Week. After that he was invited to the Alice Neoronova Design and Fashion Lab. In the summer of the same year he was invited to the opening of the “Modest fashion week”, the show was held on the helipad of one of the towers of Moscow-City. In August of the same year he was invited to the Union of Designers of Russia but he couldn't join because of admission to the European College IIDC in Shanghai. In December 2018 he participated in Fashion show in Shanghai s / s 19. For 3.5 years, the designer spent more than 30 fashion show in Russia and abroad. The designer’s inspiration is love and his life story. He embodies his state and social influence of society in the collections, bringing to the public his emotions and events of life. The main rule of the designer is not to become attached to people, because they can always leave, but the story will remain.