Antonella Rossi

year of foundation:
Antonella Rossi

Antonella Rossi grow up in a family formed already at work in Tailoring quality since 1950, where his father chose the fabrics and her mother embroidered.

Second of three children, the death of his mother joined his father in continuing the craft of embroidery that maternal and expanding the Atelier, which already has a serious tradition of pouring so all his creativity and love for culture in this profession. Empoli (Florence) her city of origin, will be the starting point and since 2000, Rome, at Via dei Delfini 16, becomes her expression.

Antonella Rossi is part of the National Chamber of Buyers and is vice president dell’AIDDA, delegation Lazio (FCEM). Sensible woman, professional and extremely positive, offers Haute Couture and Bridal Collections inspired by the femininity of the 50s women but actually inserted into the third millennium.

For Antonella Fashion is not just creating a dress, but a search of a rich and wonderful mood that ranges in art all around.