Asiya Bareeva pieces are simple in shape, but charged with multitude of associations. Several historical references co-exist within the narrative of the brand. The artist utilizes fabrics that are of various origins: gifts from friends, family embroidery, random finds from travels. Patchwork design, contrast of textures and layering create a futuristic and at the same time traditional silhouette.


Asiya Bareeva graduated Kosygin Russian State University. Since 2015, her brand Asiya Bareeva creates 2 collections annually. Since inception, the brand’s team consists of three people: Asiya, Julia and Ira. All things are conceived as single edition only. Asiya Bareeva distinctive approach is defined by the principle of conscious consumption. All the garments used in production are archival and all the pieces exist in a single edition. Artistry of the brand makes vintage garments look and feel contemporary.