Atelier by B Gala B

The collection is meant for those who believe airport business halls to be their bedrooms, who count their hotel rooms as sweet home, who make perfect breakfast out of favorite motel buffet, who watch two sunrises in one day but on different continents. For those to whom airplane’s taking off roar sounds more like a lullaby, and fluffy clouds passing by behind the glass became a trivial view. Whose walk became fast, who stay straight up whenever the whole world is turning upside down. They don’t rush - not because there’s nothing to be hurry for and surely not because they have known life itself. They just hit the road, meet fellow travelers along the way and say simple “goodbye” instead of seeing each other once again. There’s a heavy weight on their shoulders - of the dress or of the sky, we’ll never know, - and smell of wind and stars so tasty. It’s so much easier to take another step and how scary it is to suddenly stay put. There’s no silence inside them, their sole scatters in white clouds towards the eternity.