AZ by Araksiya Zholobova

AZ by Araksiya Zholobova is a young designer clothing brand, founded in Moscow in 2018. At the time when Araksia was an stylist /imagemaker and fashion expert, she was always looking for ready-made solutions for creating images. According to her, in work she always lacked the style and quality of the offered things, every time it was necessary to add new parts or alter clothes, thus was born the idea of creating his brand of clothing.  AZ by Araksiya Zholobova is the transfer of a gist through visualization.

The designer places the highest demands on his collections, especially for quality. In tailoring, special attention is paid to the relevance of all models, the minimalist fitand wearing comfort.

An important area of activity of the AZ brand by Araksiya Zholobova is assistance to children with oncological diseases. Part of the proceeds from sales is sent to children who are waiting for help from all of us in treatment.

The fashion show on MBFW Russia will be the first show in the history of the brand.