Oleg Biryukov

General BIRYUKOV style can be described as restrained and concise. Models is peculiar intellectual chic and asceticism. Oleg Biryukov deliberately does not seek to embellishment and frills, it achieves the result of precise cut, high quality materials and a high level of performance. After winning the national competition "Dress of the year" in 1998 assigned to Mr. Biryukov reputation of the designer-minimalist.

"Courage to do the simple things leads him to simplicity and minimalism – true test stand for designer" (ELLE magazine). His model is specific in its minimalism, colors and elegance. Each collection continues the development of the style in which logical constructive solution and asceticism, stylish modesty, simplicity and restraint details. He deliberately does not seek to embellishment and frills. According to VOGUE magazine: "Oleg Biryukov making things that I want to buy immediately. They have a quiet chic and pleasant feeling secure. It seems that they made just for you. He is covered with beautiful ideas and words, and honestly said that the main thing is that the clothes bought and worn". The designer believes that his clothing is designed primarily to create harmony and emphasize individuality. His heroine chooses the best. She appreciates the simplicity, if it's perfect and chooses a luxury, if it's charming.

Every artist has colors of choice. Biryukov has also minimalistic. Always black and white, as well as modest natural-colored linen, wool and cotton that give a feeling of comfort and feeling confident adequacy.

Seasonal collections of clothes are developed and presented at professional shows twice a year.