Blue Jasmine

Hasmik Gevorgyan

Hasmik Gevorgyan, a designer, the head of Stylnyashka children's fashion house.

Thinks that good taste should be cultivated since childhood. Hasmik's collections are always an attempt to suggest children and teenagers playing fashion: finding unusual trendy combinations, turning into a doll or a princess. Adults can easily find literary, art or musical allusions in the looks of Stylnashka. The collection of 2017 includes a capsule named "Alice", which invites young fashionistas through the Looking Glass to Wonderland.

Hasmik's parents, who are programmers, paid equal attention to the development of their daughter's aesthetic sense, analytical skills and abstract thinking. Perhaps it is the reason why geometry, curves and patterns are always very important in Hasmik's looks.

Hasmik has worked in fashion industry since 2008. In 2012, together with Vasily Smirnov she founded Stylnyashka children's fashion house. The first collection of the new brand appeared in company-owned and franchised boutiques in 2014.

Hasmik still sets trends that the new collection of Stilnyashka will follow, creates key looks and controls the whole creative process.