Daniele Carlotta

year of foundation:
Daniele Carlotta

DANIELE CARLOTTA was born in Sicily in 1985, is passionate about fashion because its in his blood, the young designer could probably sew before he could walk. Since he was a young man he was, surrounded by fabrics, textile yarn and classy materials; his mother, known as “Silk Lady”, was the owner of a precious and exclusive fabrics store.

Daniele is obsessed with excellence and the mastery of sartorial creations, pursing his passion with the specific studies in fashion design and styling, first in Milan and then in Rome. In November 2005 he opened his own atelier in Milan, a short walk from the quadrilateral of luxury, debuting with his eponymous brand. At the same time, in Modica, the family tailor’s shop – the same in which Daniel learned his craft – became the benchmark for the Sicilian high society through the word of mouth that spreads out in luxurious events where its tailor made dresses stand out, able to experiment with elegance and amplify the sartorial skills of the designer; step by step, in few month, that created an exclusive waiting list of over 6 months.