year of foundation:

Bessarion was born on 31 August 1978 in Tbilisi. He was named after the great Georgian poet – Besarion Gabashvili.

BEssARION is the new European fashion brand representing intellectual Haute Couture fashion. The rich history of Georgia, its beautiful nature and architecture fostered Bessarion's taste and sense of colour. At 10 he went to the Arts School named after Niko Pirosmani and, after graduation, was enrolled into the Academy of Fine Arts, sitting only two exams instead of six. 1997 may be called the starting point of Bessarion's career when he was awarded with the Grand Prix at the International Competition of the avant-garde fashion AMA. English painter and sculptor Andrew Logan, presenting the award, invited Bessarion to a joint exhibition in London. It was that very moment when Bessarion understood that he would love to be a part of that colorful world of art and bright ideas. His was already passionate about fashion and had the first ideas about designing the clothing line.

Between 1997 and 1999 Bessarion’s collections participated in over 10 fashion shows which were mainly in Tbilisi. In 1999 the young designer won the first prize at the competition Russian Silhouette and was awarded with the opportunity to take an internship at the Vyacheslav Zaitsev Fashion House, along with that he acquired the unique chance – to start a career in Moscow. During his years in Russian capital Bessarion achieved great results: he was the image-maker for the actors of the first Russian musical Metro and for the popular Russian band A-Studio; for many years he was doing visual merchandising for the large company Mercury; was in close coloboration the with Fashion House of Valentin Yudashkin in the position of principal merchandiser. This step was the most important in professional development of Bessarion. Valentin Yudashkin, his maestro, was the person who made Bessarion believe in his dreams. At the same time he continued drawing sketches and creating stunning outfits for show-business personalities, along with launching the design of footwear under brand Bessarion. His last place of employment was AIZEL. Bessarion is diligent, purpose-oriented, he follows his dreams believing in himself and his team.

Designer finds inspiration in music of Daina Krall, books by Oscar Wilde, films of Wong Kar Wai and Sergei Paradjanov and Van Gogh’s art. The endless variety of nature's beauty is another inspiration for designer. Bessarion aspires to embody in fabrics nature's colours and shapes, always being in search of innovations.