Detsky Mir

Detsky Mir Group (MOEX: DSKY) is Russia’s largest specialized children's goods retailer. The company operates a network of 622 stores, including 578 Detsky Mir stores located in 207 Russian cities and in 12 Kazakhstani cities, as well as 44 ELC (Early Learning Centre) stores in Russia. The total selling space as of 31 December 2017 was approximately 688,000 square meters. Lear more at,,

Hello, Summer!

Finally, summer vacation is close! Let’s go to sea and get some suntan! Hello, Summer!

Only in childhood, summer can be such a carefree time, bright and full of adventures! The hot sun, the blue sea, the cloudless sky… All day long, you run across the beach, build exotic sand castles, or even big sand cities.

In summer, boys in vests and caps turn into salted sailors. Mods in bright shorts are ready to conquer the waves. A brave beach-rescuer or a treasure hunter? Boys can easily live out a dream — they only need imagination and suitable summer wear.

Young fashionistas in beautiful dresses and lush skirts transform into fairy-tale princesses. Courageous adventurers and wave-tamers turn their caps’ peaks backward and join boys in dangerous quests.

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the warmth and sunshine. Travel to far-away countries, taste tropic fruits, and see the wonderful world of exotic birds and animals. It’s the time to live like brave travelers from adventure books!

Vibrant colors, fashionable silhouettes, bright prints and natural fabrics — any boy and every girl could find a suitable look for them. Become a hero of your great summer adventure!