ESVE prefers to keep the mystery of the face behind the brand. The brands ethos is the current moment erasing the legacy of the past. ESVE believes that the collection itself will speak louder than words.

The philosophy of the brand is based to emphasize female body. And the ways being used transparency, tactility and attentiveness. Main fabrics such as silk, lace and organza make the female body more desirable. Almost all of the pieces are embellished with various decorative elements. One of the main signatures of the brand is the fastening methods of the clothes: there are no zips and buttons, no hooks and eyes- only beads, ribbons and chains. Lingerie is something the brand is really keen on, as it's the best way to show the beauty and fragility of the body. 

The aesthetics of the brand is the beautiful balance between sex and modesty from the opened back mini dresses to the full body covering gowns. ESVE finds its inspiration in the past: the first wave of Russian immigrants, who found their first fashion houses in Paris, Jazz age, art-neauveau, vamp women and medusas from the poetry of Alexander Vertisky, mysterious characters of Francis Scott Fitzgerald, in their glamorous dresses dancing away with the sound of Coal Porter. All of these pieces of inspiration and female heroines come together in the first collection of the brand.

Despite being playful with the historical references, ESVE presents a very balanced and contemporary style of clothing. The muse of ESVE is intellectual character in her essence.
Her stature is graceful and her step is light, she knows how to impress, she makes a wish blowing an eyelash from her finger, she is here to intrigue and provoke you.