The magic of fashion makes it possible to share your point of view on any topic through clothes and accessories. For her third collection the designer and founder of the FactiveFace brand Lusine Avetisyan has chosen the theme of peace and love which is important like never before. Such a cosmopolitan approach of the designer is not accidental: she was born in Yerevan, then moved to Russia and her career started thanks to Italy. After Vogue Italia chose her collection for publication as their month’s choice, she decided to start her professional way in fashion. The general mood of the Spring/Summer 2019 collection is very glowing and life-asserting. The designer redefined the main symbols of her motherland and expressed them in complicated prints which are an integral part of each collection piece. Lusine managed to seamlessly include in the collection the national flag colours, the images from antique Armenian engravings and motives from national folk tales. A very special part is the influence of works of the national Armenian poet Sayat Nova, a master of mystification and metaphorical language: in his works he created an inexpressible atmosphere. His lyrical persona is an enigmatic young Armenian girl of ethereal beauty with large eyes and memorable face. Her image was taken as inspiration for the collection prints. The synthesis of such different cultural codes helped to create a unique mix of eye-catching images. In order not to make the general impression of the collection too complicated the Lusine made an accent on the minimalism aesthetics and chose simple and clean lines for her design. Consequently the main character of the collection is the print itself, each is the result of long and meticulous work and focused study of the literature. The outstanding feature of each pattern is its versatility which enables the future owner to give it an individual symbolism. Symbolism in general is very emblematic for the brand. There are clear allusions on the national symbols in designs, like pomegranate which is one of the national characters of Armenia, or forget-me-not flower – homage to the national bleak event of genocide. The skillful game with different c ultural elements made the collection full of metaphors but at the same time not overloaded with them. And despite of such obvious influence of the Armenian culture, as a matter of fact, the designer encourages a broader understanding of ethnic motives of her collection. In other words she wants to say that keeping of the cultural heritage is of vital importance but the big advantage of the modern world is that it enables to combine the unexpected and get really inspiring looks. And it seems to be like the main task of the modern society – to respect the past but boldly look into the future, not to be afraid of the experiments but to remember that they should make the world at least a bit but better.