year of foundation:
Валерия Лоскутова

Our history started last century, in the middle of the 20th centennial as a small family workshop that made various leather items upon individual order.

Transferring from generation to generation the accumulated expertise, from grandfather to father, from father to son, we were reaching the perfection.

We made bags, footwear, various accessories, we made them all of specially selected and processed leather.

Only 10 years ago we realized that our experience is enough to launch a comprehensive collection and started thinking about the name for the first line of bags and accessories.

Our family has always been fond of mythology and this is what influenced the choice. We simply love literature, once we took individual orders for making leather book covers.

The first collection is filled with love to woman, her endless charm and identity.

When entire family gathered, we were talking about the goddess Frija, whose beauty became the sample for our future items that are so highly valued by our customers.

Every year we design four new collections for new and devoted customers of our brand. The collections that are bright, trendy and unique.

We still had the feeling that we need to do something significant and genuine...

So, we decided to launch a new line that could reflect the entire expertise we have and our true love to natural leather.

We launched the first line of male bags given that before we had only designed and made items for the gentle and delicate half of our society.

We desperately needed new emotion and new concept...

This is where the unique vast country as Russia assisted our brand in this new and challenging endeavor. After all, our brand has been greatly successful in Russia for the last five years.

Russia is the country with huge potential and endless inspiration source!

There are so many talented people in Russia.

About a year ago we started looking up for young designers who could feel our values and who could bring something new to our brand.

And we have found some interesting personalities.

Invited designer of DEESSE collection:

-       Valeria Loskutova. 

Fashion consultant:

-       Sergey Medvedev.

Designer of jewelry collection DEESSE:

-       Lena Gribenschikova.

Designer –jeweler of collection ODINN:

     -    Ilya Melnik.

We have been designing our new joint line frija couture for almost a year. It consists of the limited collection of bags and jewelry for males and females!

Two completely different but glamorous lines, that we designed specially for You!

Two completely different fashion histories.

Odinn  is the male conceptual collection of bags and jewelry that reflects the strength and manhood of a real man.

There is nothing spare, only style and comfort. The collection includes jewelry items made of silver 925'.

Deesse  is the female conceptual collection of bags and jewelry that reflects the unique beauty of every detail. Details do matter...

Unique limited sets of silver 925' will complete you daily look and enslave the hearts.

We are ready to present our collections!

See you at MBFR