Frugoletto by Raschini

The project developed by SL Project, an architectural firm, incorporates today’s most advanced ideas in the interior and design of not only kids’ fashion, but also of the world-scale fashion business.

The Frugoletto wear collection by Raschini is an innovative approach emphasizing the classical Italian traditions of the Raschini House: exclusive handmade items, with care for the comfort of the customer of any age and any size, individual approach, ability to promptly embody any idea, even the most challenging one, regardless of the place and time of order acceptance, ability to deliver the order to any place of the world, quality brought to perfection.

The Frugoletto by Raschini is a logical extension of the only principle and slogan underlying the “adult” line: “Quality in details”. So, in each Frugoletto thing, the quality is in the focus; here, every millimeter of the item is inspired by love and tenderness of children, labor and family traditions. And as known, in Italy, the family and its traditions are the main value in the world. This “family value” is now brought by Raschini to Russia, where children and unconditional love for them has always been the focus.

Working with the kids’ line, Raschini craftsmen abide by the best Italian tailoring traditions which not only have brought glory to the Raschini House, but virtually have made tailors be treated as “celestials”. The Frugoletto concept boutique by Raschini will make you enjoy possessing incredible premium things, involve you into the process of creating your children’s wardrobe; together with us, love every thing and every detail of the Frugoletto collection, make part of a big family with century-old traditions.