Speculative reality project exploring the presence of the future:technology, web ethics, critical thinking.

A project at the intersection of art and technology in the fashion medium, shown through critical design,prototyping, storytelling, and gamification.Working with the hidden processes and the interaction between technologies and themselves or with humans,the Futureisnown team creates objects with a non-existent yet, but soon to become relevant functionality thatfills ordinary things and the space around them with new meaning.

As a result, the owner of the items gets the opportunity to interact with theobjects and their fictional reality,mixed with the present in such an intricate way that the border between them is erased. Such experienceprovokes the owner to use critical thinking and allows them to take a different look at the ordinary thingssurrounding them.

All the objects are divided into three categories: informational, critical and functional.Informational objects tell stories and spread info via clothing garments, web-narrators or vandal stickers.Critical design endow objects with made upnon-existent functionality––to imagine hertz space or to protectoneself from electrosmog pollution by simply wearing a specific shirt.

Functional objects are ordinary things with far from common features, such as the anti-globalization pocketsthat block any signals, including WI–FI, and access to geolocation for short moments of privacy in a chaoticcity.

The first set of Futureisnown objects is focused on the idea of preventive personalization and targeting. Fullyimmersed in the context, the teamhas created informational objects with a fictional functionality and objectsof speculative reality that subject one’s privacy and security to a critical approach