year of foundation:
Gerda Irene


Gerda Irene is a young independent sustainable brand. Weirdness, ugly, riot and vintage!


All clothing and accessories are crafted from handmade and recycled vintage materials and fabrics, as well as recycled plastics.  The fabrics that we produce are 100% hand-made, always in a single copy and are woven on a hand-loom, which significantly reduces energy and water consumption.  Also, I do not use fabrics, in the production of which a lot of toxic substances and synthetics are emitted.  My brand only works with environmentally friendly materials without chemical treatment.  I also use vintage fabrics and recycled items. About 60% of items are sewn entirely by hand or with partial use of hand stitches. All clothes and hats are produced only in a single copy, in small collections and without repeats. We never repeat! This approach of our company,  so as not to litter the environment with things. exclusivity, antique fittings and manual labor - increases the price and significantly reduces the rapid consumption. things are like art. I also have my own plastic bag recycling technology that I use to create hats.


I completely design and sew all the clothes myself.  I have a small studio.  I feel in this my little mission - to create clothes for people who also value their individuality, do not chase fast fashion and care about the environment and the world around them.