Sten Karik, Joan Hint, Peep Vähi

An atelier and design house based in Tallinn, Estonia


Merging art with crafts, the ambition of GUILD is excellence with ethical change - contemporary yet timeless apparel made of natural materials in a truly harmonious way.

The working environment, conscious fabric suppliers, no waste and leftovers, products that would withstand time were all just few of the many impulses for the concept of GUILD to be brought to life in 2012 by two lovers, Sten Karik and Joan Hint. A year later another true chap of Tallinn - Peep Vähi - joined the team and by now GUILD is literally run by the three musketeers.


Pairing effortless style with sartorial crafts, GUILD continues to gain attention as a streetwear label with refreshingly noble touch.

Heavy-weight high-end fabrics suitable for bitter climates together with refined aesthetics reflect the cultural fusion while enriching us with elegant comfort and practicality.


In 2015 GUILD was nominated for one of Estonia’s most influential fashion awards Hõbenõel which is given for bold, exceptional enterprises, outstanding performance, brightest ideas and remarkable achievements. Yet, the GUILD did not see these values reflecting on the event itself and therefore rejected the award and the invitation to perform at the show. “The Needle price is a big thing in Tallinn and though it was a tough decision, we see how it made an impact on the whole event and by today their stage and structure of the show is better than ever.”


With such courageous attitude the three musketeers continue writing their chapter in fashion industry while always staying true to themselves and what really feels right.





GUILD is also uniting storytelling denim brand REVAL DENIM GUILD and a small millinery GUILD HATTERY


All is crafted under one harmonious roof known as Guildhaus in their home town, Tallinn