HARD is a collective project of students of the HSE school of design, a brand-creative laboratory of young designers, where they have the opportunity to Express their vision of current fashion and demonstrate it in a professional format. The HSE school of design is a permanent member of MBFW Russia, and the fifth joint collection of students from HARD 005 - Outer Spaces and other worlds will be presented at the spring session. Other dimensions, a journey into the depths of space and consciousness, new forms and expanded reality, the world as it sees a man who fell to Earth: the collection HARD 005 - a futuristic motifs through the eyes of twenty-year-old style as a search and flight of imagination. Third-year students of the HSE School of Design explore the possibilities of fashion facing the future; it is a fantasy about a new world and new forms of expression, a message sent to distant like-minded people, where current trends are combined with youthful maximalism and freedom of expression.