year of foundation:
Игорь Гуляев

Designer: Igor Gulyaev

Year of foundation: 1999

This Russian brand was started in St. Petersburg in 1999 by Igor Gulyaev, a designer.

The IGOR GULYAEV Fashion House make variously styled clothes series, from avant-garde street style to classical couture. You can see the brand’s pieces in the streets of the world’s metropolises, as well as in wardrobes of both Russian and foreign celebrities.


When making his new collection “Streetwear”, IGOR GULYAEV followed three principles: uniqueness, comfort, and no rules.

The choice of streetstyle clothes implies that its owner has a sense of style and taste and is always focused on comfort, usability, his or her mood, and personality, and always saves an elegant gown for a special occasion.

IGOR GULYAEV knows the trends of modern youth, can foresee their needs and help them stand out from the crowd. The brand is ready to offer them to create their special unique clothing style. Denim, oversized pieces, bright prints and accessories from the new series are neither snobbish nor pretentious. They help to look at things with humor and sensible self-irony. With IGOR GULYAEV’s everyday wear, everyone will be comfortable anytime and anywhere.