year of foundation:
Bicholla Tetradze

Isabel Garcia is an international fashion brand founded in 2009. Its headquarters, creative and production centers are located in Bologna, Italy.

The company stick to the principle “Right from the podium - into the closet.” Elements of high fashion are transformed into Ready-To-Wear at very attractive prices. The main advantage of the brand is the ability to create sophisticated, stylish and feminine pieces for everyone, even for the very fastidious taste. Everything in the collection of ISABEL GARCIA created from high-quality fabrics and decorative elements. ISABEL GARCIA designers create both feminine evening dresses and accessories and casual clothing. ISABEL GARCIA successfully debuted at London Fashion Week In September 2014. And it continues to develop in the fashion market. Since the foundation till the present day, the main aspiration for ISABEL GARCIA is - a desire to make their clients to be the happiest ones.

The designer of this collection is sure that it will seem very expressive and saturated. It will allow every woman to maintain her uniqueness and beauty, becoming more exquisite.