Fashion world of IVETA VECMANE presents the new collection: MELANCHOLIA III -ETHNOGAPHY II- wich continues the story of collections MELANCHOLIA I and MELANCHOLIA II. MELANCHOLIA III -ETHNOGAPHY II  continues its journey navigating gracefully between the past and the future, by exploring the heritage of 18. and 19. century Latvian National Costume, the colors of the time, silhouette, old techniques of folding the fabrique and elegant play with the distinctive elements. Highlighting the importance of the historical heritage through the contemporary prism of the modern age.That which holds that the seeds of the past bears the fruits in the future, and sometimes in order to create a new word there is a need for old foundations to buid upon.


IVETA VECMANE is a fashion brand for women, based in Riga, Latvia, created in 2017. Designer studies at one of the strongest academic schools in Latvia, Art Academy of Latvia – Fashion design. Iveta has been a fashion stylist for the past 10 years, who emphasized her works at the biggest fashion and lifestyle magazines and fashion projects in Latvia. She has transformed her experience skills into a qualitative fashion brand for the modern, elegant and contemporary women. My mission is to construct elegant and classic silhouettes, using creative fabric manipulation techniques as pleats. And every unique piece is representing timeless and slow fashion philosophy.