JING YU is thrilled to announce autumn winter 2019 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. A minimalist yet innovative style embodies JING YU's new collection, in a selection of finest fabrics from Italy with contemporary and asymmetrical design, exceptional craftsmanship alongside with clean and masculine silhouettes. With this sophisticated and elegant character, JING YU embodies its theme of the new collection influenced by the violence in childhood memory, the hidden violence from separation and unknown. A special look inspired by Russia writer Leonid Andreyev will be high-lightly present during the show. In a series of photographs that Leonid took for his family during his late lifetime impressed the whole. The poetic at the same time romantic vision of Leonid’s photography of subjects from beloved ones to nature are
connected in a way with JING YU’s creativity. “Our original idea is to explore our understanding of life in a new form and perspective with dialectic analysis to the philosophical eclecticism in design and art field. In a way it is more like an art project rather than a fashion label and a dialogue and philosophical discussion between us and audience.” Wawa, the cofounder of JING YU says. The garments we present are one of the mediums of our work, a derivative from this project. It is born in the process of creation of art, with an abstract narrative.