Ksenia Knyazeva

Ksenia Knyazeva

Brand designer clothes "Ksenia Knyazeva" was born in 2010 and was designed to display fashions from couture to the streets, after adapting it to the urban environment. Ksenia has assembled a team of the same high fashion fans: young designers and artists who are themselves happy things brand.
One of the basic principles of the brand: do not skimp on quality. In these clothes anyone can feel confident and comfortable.

Knyazevа Ksenia was born in Penza, in the Volga city with a rich heritage of Old Russian. Successfully he graduated from the Faculty of Russian philology and culture. Study at the Faculty of Philology instilled a love of Russian literature. Reading bestsellers, Xenia drew sketches of dresses in your mind for the first ball of Natasha Rostova. Working as a journalist and VJ on the radio have brought the first fruits of Ksenia popularity. Ambitious future designer only grown and no longer fits into the framework of the small town. In 2009, Kseniya chooses the city that is able to accept and give the maximum development of the bottomless creativity, which she has. In Moscow journalist career he was also successful, but it was not enough. The first experiments in the field of women's clothing design, Xenia put on their girlfriends, who are always mentioned in Xenia refined and attractive style of dress. That's Ksenia learned the basics of skill. Designer clothing has become a priority occupation Ksenia. In 2010, she made her debut, presenting a collection of designer clothing under its own label - Ksenia Knyazeva. The collection was successfully awarded the representatives of fashion and buyers. Dna brand encompasses a chaste sexuality and Russian elegance. The designer's collections are no well-worn "Balalaika painted", all done with a sense of style, all refined and sophisticated. Dress by Ksenia Knyazeva easily recognizable among other designer brands. Every detail in the costumes of Ksenia bears responsibility for your image. Cloth, work, every stitch, pass total control under the guidance of the designer. The audience of fans of the brand is growing exponentially. Amazing beautiful dresses on the floor, elegant jackets, blouses made of light lace, original prints, beautiful dresses midi and model in a retro style, able to make your way out spectacular, bright, but quite adequate for an evening stroll, and for secular activities .