Lakbi-products meet all fashion trends, unique models, high quality and dynamics & are focused on creating an image of a modern, stylish, European woman.


The new Lakbi collection provides an incredible selection of varied textures and rich hues: shimmering emerald and purple satin silk, playing fiery red hues and terracotta, delicate mohair, weightless chiffon, and of course this season's Must Have, bold animal print and glitter of patent leather.


The overall style of the collection is the quintessence of a sport-look and cozy elegance. 


The collection includes more than 40 models of casual, business, evening women's clothing and is complemented by clothing for sport. All models of the collection are successfully counted and combined with each other.


The Lakbi design team found its inspiration in the collections of the 70s and 80s. The main fashion trend that time was quite diversified: afro and disco, ethno, classic and unisex, bright pure colors and their graphic combinations.


The main motto of the collection is: “a symbiosis of style and comfort, exactly what every resident of a megalopolis needs.”


Moreover, Lakbi is a fashion, it is an inspiration, it is an opportunity to create different images.