Maison de chapeaux Lilia Fisher

Lilia Fisher

Founded in November 2012 just in 4 years the brand have conquered the hearts not solely of Russian fashionistas but also of fashion magazine editors and Russian and foreign celebrities. What is more, hats by Lilia Fisher have appeared on notable races in Russian and abroad, Fisher have been over and over conquering prizes of Ascot and Monte-Carlo races, Singapore derby etc. The milliner cooperates with famous fashion designers and performers both in Russian and abroad. Lilia has taken part in more than 10 collaborations. She is often entrusted by fashion designers to prepare headpieces to complete looks for fashion-shows.

Hats by Lilia Fisher can be acquired in more than 6 countries of the world including the USA, while the Millinery House resides in Moscow.

A hat by Lilia Fisher is “modus vivendi”, the style and way of life: a hat becomes the essential of your image and of you. A hat reflects both character and individuality, but still allows changing dramatically in the matter of seconds.  And, undoubtedly, a hat is a perfect recipe to be in good humor. A bright look with an elegant headpiece would certainly attract the attention of people, distract from sad thoughts and make smile. It is magic, isn’t it? That is why Lilia Fisher believes that a hat will certainly change both the life and the world for the better!

Do you want to let the magic into your life? Follow the hat!