Lime Blossom

Katerina Chekina

Brand Lime Blossom was originally launched in 2015 by Katerina Chekina, graduated from The Higher British School of Design in  Moscow. Each item in our new collection has its own functionality and versality , and tells us not just about the life stile of the person, who has chosen it, but also about his philosophy and vision of the world.

Creator and designer Katerina Chekina tells us about her approach towards the process: "Each item should bring its own specific mood, that's why I create all of them by myself.  I do not appeal to constructors, who build  plane product design on the basis of the designer's sketch. It is very important for me, I use the method of draping - I create the item directly on a mannequin from a special tissue. The process looks like a process of creating a sculpture or painting - you have a general image and feeling, but you never know what exactly should happen. The method helps me to go beyond the logic and to create a living form.

The specific point of our approach is that we firstly love our deal. We create the things, that really have its own meaning and find out the tense horisontal nets inside the industry. Our partners are not just our partners, but they are our friends and due to this we always find out how we can help each other and contribute to the common development. For us it is the key to success and the possibility of joint development.