Liza Odinokikh

year of foundation:
Liza Odinokikh

Liza Odinokikh is the young brand of female wear established in 2012. Designer and head of the brand is Liza Odinokikh, graduate of St Petersburg State University of Technology and Design. She also completed the internship at NABA Academy in Italy.

During her studies Liza won in the contest the Admiralty Spike, receiving the first award in the nomination Female Lingerie for collection Venice Night which consisted of corsets made of papier-mache. In November 2012 designer was awarded with Easy match in the contest Jeansation, arranged in Monte Carlo.

Liza Odinokikh brand was born on 30 June 2012 when she participated in the show LMA presents: Fashion day where designer demonstrated 13 looks, five of them were from Liza’s diploma project.

In April 2013 the brand made debut at the seventh season of Aurora Fashion Week Russia. According to mass media the demonstrated collection was a tremendous success among the audience of St Petersburg, and Liza stepped out as the promising designer.

Since then Liza Odinokikh brand is the all-time participant of Aurora Fashion Week Russia and other key fashion events. Her collections appeal to the editors of fashion magazines: on pages of Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar you can spot sweatshirts with the head of a prince-doll, pink pants with the basque and leather skirts from Liza Odinokikh.

Designer Liza Odinokikh creates casual clothes for everyday life: it is simple but spicy. Fashion character of the brand is smart and selective. She can wear a combination of silk and transparent film, and add a necklace of dolls’ heads to the deliberately pinky outfit. She is intelligent and self-sufficient, but still a child, dreamy and meditative.

From one collection to another the designer changes the key look and tells the story around it. Every new collection is different from the previous one but you can trace Liza Odinokikh style in every single one.