MARSEL - clothes for women who know what is worth.

Values that will never go out of fashion and will not depend on any trends are sewn into MARSEL DNA.

Elegance. Inner strength Charisma. Character.

The MARSEL brand appeared as a result of the collaboration of the blogger and stylist Maria Seliverstova and the tailor’s office of THEME.

Maria is a specialist of fashion style, who has devoted several years to a deep study of etiquette, the unspoken rules of a real lady in various situations: from a business breakfast to a full-fledged social event.

Her knowledge of style formed the basis for the development of a collection of casual wear for a self-confident woman who does not need to flaunt her beauty.

MARSEL clothing is designed to reveal the character of the women wearing it, but without saying too much.

The collection includes all the elements necessary for a basic wardrobe: blouses, skirts, dresses, shorts, costume pairs, and also non-trivial outerwear: cape, trench coats, bulky coats.

Subdued colors, natural fabrics and calibrated patterns – this is what, according to the founders of the brand, should provide confidence and ease in the movements of women, and as you know, grace is one of the main components of Beauty.

The one that does not depend on age.

The one that comes from the inside.