Total look from Masha Kraft is a bright alternative to boring and trivial clothes. Revolutionary colors styled after Andy Warhol and Karim Rashid, author's prints, use of the newest materials and bright accessories distinguish the style of Masha Kraft.

Maria was born in a creative family, which defined her choice from an early age. Her father, owner of a textile business, and her mother, film and theater actress, cultivated in her the love for beauty. Celebrity artists, actors, musicians, and designers have been her usual circle.

As a child, she often came to her father's gallery to fill herself with the love for design and develop the excellent taste for textile masterpieces. Her character was shaping up surrounded by luxurious fabrics collected from the world's leading textile brands.

The first show of the young artist in 2012 became her point of entry into the world of fashion.  Then, under the guidance of her mother and in collaboration with Gallery Arben, the first fashion collection was created based on Masha’s sketches. The clothing was made of the fabrics provided by the gallery. Masha's friends were the first models on her shows. They inspired the talented artist to a bold creative experiment.

Her first collections are a subtle dialogue between teenagers and the outside world, and their desire to see the world harmonious and bright. Initially, the young designer created clothes for her peers, but gradually, existing in the trends of the global fashion industry, the young brand managed to catch the fancy of not only teenagers.

The clothes by MASHA KRAFT are loved by bright and stylish people, who have adventurous character and courage. They are perfect for social events, “red carpets”, stage images, and for city walks in the favorite fashionable places. It all depends on the imagination and the owner.

The designs are developed and created in a new generation lab studio  “MASHA CRAFT” by a creative design bureau.


Today MASHA KRAFT, a graduate of the British Higher School of Art and Design, stays strong in the pursuit of her goals. Being a successful student of the Lomonosov school, Maria spends her summer holidays studying design in Parsons New School of Design in New York. She is in search of her School, her Master, her inspiration. Her creative abilities know no limits.