Nilufar Abduvalieva - founder of the Fashion House Mursak. Designer by vocation, Nilufar always says that the love of beautiful things, the desire to create clothes from her mother, which instilled interest in sewing and modeling things first for dolls, then for Nilufar herself. Despite the fact that her passion for design and fashion was from childhood, she first received an economic and then a legal education. At 2013, Nilufar founded its own brand - Mursak. The very name of the brand is inspired by the history of the East. Therefore, the concept of the house laid the idea of reviving the grandeur of national clothes in the new, modern design.

One of the "secrets" Mursak in the material, because the designer uses fabrics woven by hand by masters from Samarkand, Bukhara and Kokand. Fabrics from Europe are also ordered to create certain images. In addition, all the products of Fashion House Mursak are unique. Models are created in a single copy, and the ideas of author collections are not repeated. The geography of orders for unique oriental outfits has now expanded from the countries of Central Asia and the Middle East to Europe and the USA.

The fashion house represents two lines-Ready-to-wear and Haute couture. At the heart of the couture line lay outfits for brides and a traditional set of dowry (sarpa), evening and cocktail dresses. Also, the designer is engaged in the creation of shoes, bags and other accessories.

To date, the Mursak Fashion House is one of the largest brands of national clothes in Uzbekistan, as well as a participant of Uzbek and foreign fashion shows in Tashkent, Alma-Ata, Hong Kong, Qatar, Moscow.