year of foundation:
Капитонова Ольга

Designer: Olga Kapitonova

Year of foundation: 2012

The basic concept is minimalism-styled drama. Interested both in psychology and anatomy, the N.LEGENDA’s designer creates an impersonal cut, bold enough to speak about gender identity and mix up diverse styles. The brand’s silhouettes feature reasoning, clarity, and laconicism. The brand has a small St. Petersburg-based production site and makes two

series of clothes – seasonal demi-couture collections and TR, for which the brand’s special classical monochrome colors are typical.


The Fall Winter 2020-2021 collection is a kind of a galactic remix – every look seems to have been customized for the new reality. Basic colors: corrugated black, water blue, wood brown, and benzene pearly white.

Some of the looks refer to the cyber-punk culture, and specially tailored jackets, coats, and cloaks create a graphic shell.