NE-TIGER (China)

year of foundation:
Zhang Zhifeng

Mr. Zhang Zhifeng, the company’s founder, decided on the name NE•TIGER when he began his entrepreneurial venture in 1982. In 1992, the trademark NE•TIGER was registered with the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of China and was awarded the title of China’s Famous Brand. Later, the company registered NE•TIGER as an international trademark in both Chinese and English versions in Madrid, Spain, and then registered the trademark in a number of countries in accordance with the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks.

After 34 years of growth and development, NE•TIGER has become a top fashion brand in China. As a leader and innovator in Chinese fashion culture, NE•TIGER is committed to the revival of Chinese luxury culture and to the prosperity of Chinese luxury brands by adhering to the design philosophy of “Connecting the ancient and modern times, and integrating both Chinese and Western elements.”

As a result of its initial efforts in the design and production of fur products, NE•TIGER quickly established itself as a leading company within China’s fur industry. Its resume of products that it has introduced to the market includes the evening dress, the Chinese-style wedding dress, the Western-style wedding dress and other innovative product lines — such as the specialized and haute couture Huafu line. Rooted in traditional Chinese clothing culture, NE•TIGER was selected as the clothing brand to design and produce clothing made specially for the leaders participating in the 22th APEC Summit.

 “China is called Xia because of its great ceremonies and called Hua because of its beautiful clothes”

The Huaxia Dress, also called Huafu, is the company’s take on the traditional Chinese dress, representing the spirit of Chinese people. NE•TIGER’s Huafu design concept has five major features: individuality, classicality, nationality, compatibility and modernity. By extracting the essence from China’s several-thousand-year clothing culture, Huafu has created a unique clothing image in contemporary China.


NE-TIGER (China)