NUȮNE as an idea was born in 2009, that time we came with a name, which can be explained as a mixture of “new one” and “nuance” words, and this is a basis of our lifestyle. 

Main structure was developed in 2011, that time first design of necklaces was sketched and materials was picked.

We started working on clothing line in 2014.

Since that moment our production located in Saint Petersburg (Russia)


Slogan - “Life of future for people of now”


We are proud:

that we are season independent, so customer can buy warm coat even during summer. 

that our total looks could easily be divided, so each piece can be a part of any basic wardrobe. 

that we are more of a slow fashion, so we can put our time in high quality

that our designs are timeless 

That our production located in Saint-Petersburg 

that our aesthetic is standing on the edge of Europe and Asia 


3 lines:

U - you

basic line (simple textiles and cut, sizes from s to l) N - new

concept line (high quality textiles, complicated cut, every piece could be transformed 2-5 ways. Oversize) 

O - one

lux line (unique or handmade textiles, hand embroidery, complicated cut, limited edition)