year of foundation:
Oksana Fedorova

New podium collection of Design Studio by Oksana Fedorova FW 19/20 marks its return to basics. It is called "Transformation." It is simultaneously a very conservative concept, referring to the Russian Orthodox tradition, but also in the modern sense, meaning change, improvement and modernization. We combine these two symbolic meanings in our new collection of the Autumn / Winter season. Full understanding of the past traditions and transformation in the manner of the future.

The inspiration for the collection was Russian style. But this is not a cheap print with Khokhloma, it is a more subtle and deep study of the idea, leaving a reminder about itself only in details. Here we give preference to the image itself rather than drawing ideas from concrete things. Our heroine is a Russian woman. She is the peasant daughter and the princess, she is from the wild Russian forests, but knows the court etiquette perfectly. She herself is nature, she herself a woman. She is different and incredible, she lives in each of us. These are our traditions, this is our heritage. We cannot resist it, we can only accept it in order to remain in harmony with ourselves.

In the new collection, we offer our own vision of the Russian style: neat, calm, deep and conscious.

Inherently associated with European fashion and trends, it remains in important details - the shape of the sleeves, clasps, selected colors, finish, layering. Every detail of the Russian wardrobe was not an accident, we wanted to transfer the same thoughtfulness to our new collection.

The collection is filled with costumes in the first place, as it is always comfortable, beautiful and very feminine in the modern world. The costume will emphasize both the strength and the fragility of our heroine. After all, she is a strong woman who lives in the men’s world, and because of that so many costumes.

But she always remains a gentle, exciting girl in love with life and her man.

The color scheme is calm. These are classic colors:

shades of red, black, cold beige, blotches of fuchsia and white. Flying dresses and skirts with knitted jumpers appear in contrast to emphasize the main idea of the collection. Light fabrics combined with thick jacquards, textured jersey combined with a smooth, dimensional jersey combined with lace and embroidery creates a very special effect.