year of foundation:
Lesya Rusakovich

The Russian brand of clothing and accessories Otoсyon, created in 2015, embodies the ideas of new femininity through the form and material.

Modern femininity for us is, above all, self-sufficiency and pithiness.

We are inspired by active personalities with an inner core and a bright personality, for whom clothing is only a delicate frame, emphasizing character.

In our collections, we study the themes of the relationship between art and man.

The main visual codes of the brand are a combination of architectural lines and smooth abstract forms, discreet cut, neat but expressive details.

About our brand wrote such publications as  I-D, VICE, Vogue Italy, ELLE CANADA, The Fall London, YAHOO lifestyle, Harper’s BAZAAR RUSSIA, Buro 24/7, GRAZIA, COSMOPOLITAN, InStyle, The Village, Wonderzine, AfishaDaily, SNC, KING KONG.