outlaw moscow

Dilyara Minrakhmanova, Maxim Bashkaev

Philosophy outlaw moscow – a philosophy of freedom.

It's a lifestyle thinkers and seekers, fighters for a free spirit. The most prominent devotees of Russian cultural and social life were real outlaw. Pervootkrivateli Behring and the artist Marc Chagall, the poet Tsvetaeva and exiled Decembrist Muravyov-Apostol, furious Mayakovsky and ruthless Baron Ungern, thinker Brodsky and an avid believer-priest Avvakum, ataman Stepan Razin and philosopher Berdyaev, are the real outlaw of the Russian world. Apparel outlaw moscow created to outlaw the present.

 We are called dilara Minrakhmanova and Maxim Bashkaev. We came to the world of fashion from different areas, with different experiences and knowledge. Dilara by training a translator from Chinese and political scientist, lived and studied in Moscow and Samana. Maxim - orientalist, began his studies in Moscow and graduated from business school in France. In parallel, we painted, photographed, read, know worlds inside and outside Russia. But much more we wanted to tell our stories and transfer them into tangible images. Our approach is multi-faceted and ambitious: we create clothing from quality materials according to your own drawings and designs. We produce it in Russia and want to make it available.

outlaw moscow aims to reflect a new generation of people in Russia: free and open to the world.