BESO TURÁ is a Georgian–Russian ready–to–wear brand based in Moscow.

The founder and creative director Beso Turazashvili brought his vision to Russia after having lived in Dubai and New York where he worked for Stella McCartney.

 Beso takes his inspiration from women of his family and his travels around the world.

 BESO TURÁ creates its garments for a self-confident and modern lady.

She’s ambitious and independent. She combines the gentle femininity with powerful presence. #besogirl can be a lady boss at day and a party girl at night.

For the collection AW18/19 BESO TURÁ is celebrating the female nature and everything that comes with it – beauty, power, elegance and strenght. The woman of BESO TURÁ can be very different and that is why the collection combines such a big diversity just like the female nature.

The collection consists of classical looking evening gowns, bold and powerful leather jumpsuits, sparkling coctail dresses and statement outwear. The inspiration for the shapes used came from the 80s and 90s with volumes shoulders and oversized outwear. The materials are quite diverse as well starting with classical emeral velvet and ending with shiny metallic silk and knitwear of bright colours.

The main message of the collection is that the clientel of the brand is diverse – big CEOs, successful business ladies, young and talented girls, hardworking moms – but the one thing that unites them all if their love for life and moving forward while staying true to themselves. That is why they are all #besogirls.