Ria Keburia

year of foundation:
Ria Keburia

RIA KEBURIA is a post-contemporary fashion designer who developed her unique signature “talking silhouettes”. Her risktaking designs are influenced by Georgian culture flawlessly blended with multinational spirits. Her design, like her hometown, is the bridge between Europe and Asia, highlighting the peculiar and prolific elements of both aestheticisms.

 The brand was established in 2012 and is based in Paris. After introducing her very first collection, the young Ria Keburia was positively received by the world’s fashion critics.

 After the “Be Next” fashion contest in 2012, Ria emerged as an imaginative creator. Ria is a storyteller and her garments “speak” to the audience, bringing to light a charming, diaphanous woman, with a strong sense of creativity. Ria is continuously following her inspiration, which takes her to most unexpected places, creating fashion stories with abnormality flowing from them, broadcasting the message of strong morals and forgotten values in an innovative, post-contemporary way.

 Ria Keburia not only examines these prevailing themes, but also suggests through her designs a new generation of emerging talents. Her collaborations are the product of impassioned designs that give customers new insight. Ria surrounds herself with young aspiring brands, creating community where she is inspired and inspires.