ROB-ART by Katya Rozhdestvenskaya

year of foundation:
Екатерина Рождественская

"The idea to fotodigital came to me spontaneously as I was preparing for the exhibition of his collection of vintage clothing "Fashion of the twentieth century", and to submit to the twenty-first century decided things, created on the basis of their photos. Selected pictures of beautiful landscapes, still lifes and sketches, printed them on silk and knitwear. And after one of these "themed" cuts had been stitched a number of basic things, essential in any wardrobe".

The resulting small collection of Catherine called "Clothing mood". And starting with this project, half in jest, yet had no idea how far will these experiments.

So, at the end of 2011 there was a fashion line ROB-ART by Katya Rozhdestvenskaya. In the name read the name of the father of Catherine, the poet Robert Rozhdestvensky. Close call him Rob.

Things ROB-ART — dresses and tunics with original prints. Feature of prints is their realness. Everything you see on the things of Katya Rozhdestvenskaya, there is, and has been personally photographed by the designer. The sunsets in Los Angeles, car Museum exhibits in Monaco, Spanish street life, the details of the interiors of famous hotels, animals and plants, - all of them had been noticed by Katya, were pictures of her personal archive and collection.

"For me, dress is a kind of exhibition, - says Kateryna. - Here only my photos were not on canvas, but on fabrics".

First impressions of the brand were held in October 2011. Special attention is ROB-ART paid during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia in Moscow (SS/2012). Then was presented the first collection of unique "Clothing mood". All models — long and short silk tunics — were created in a single copy, was used more than 100 different prints — Katya photos. Spectators were amazed with the brightness and original presentation of stories. As a result, ROB-ART by Katya Rozhdestvenskaya was invited to the Department store, which presents so far.

Less than a year, the collection has expanded, retaining its own special features — the richness of colors and the ability to convey the mood of the world surrounding us and to surprise with an unusual look to it. Today ROB-ART by Katya Rozhdestvenskaya prepares for seasons 2013 new models of silk and lightweight Jersey and new prints are photos captured by Katya.