year of foundation:

Fashion House - "SALLE DE MODE" creates male and female clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.

Designer of Fashion House -  Salome Amanatishvili after graduating from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, where she completed a bachelor's degree in fashion design- specialty – leather design,  she's been successfully developing her knowledge in her own company "SALLE DE MODE". The items of  "SALLE DE MODE" are distinguished by their individuality due to designer's vision, which is clearly reflected in the various  collection. It’s products are distinguished by the hand-made, innovative details and high-quality works. Brand is actively involved in trends of the fashion world  and meets all the standards and requirements that modern industry demands .

Fashion House - "SALLE DE MODE"  expands its production every year and gives priority to the customer's interest and high quality products. All the items in Fashion House , such as  clothes, shoes, bags and accessories are fully designed  and manufactured in "SALLE DE MODE" - production. The first most famous subject of thecollection that brought the huge success to the Fashion House was the "Labyrinth". The collection was created in 2012 and is still very popular, both in Georgia and abroad. If you believe that you are special and fashion is created for you, Fashion House  "SALLE DE MODE" is a  place where you will feel yourself comfortable, elegant and attractive.