Designer: Ekaterina Okhotnikova

Year of foundation: 2018


The brand concept is based on a combination of minimalism with sophisticated elements and structures, echoing the brand aesthetics and a miscellaneous look of a modern woman.

The brand creates conceptual clothing, piecing together laconic silhouettes with ingenious geometry of lines, highlighted by the color choice, as well as quality and combinations of fabrics.


The collection was inspired by abstract empirical art by foreign artists. Using their works, installations, photos, and sculptures as a base, designer aimed to pass an important philosophical concept of a thing-in-itself, implying that dealing with the world, we have to do with our vision of it, not the world itself.

The collection is full of melancholy, which suggests contemplating if our experience can change value apprehension throughout life. The clothing assortment includes overcoats and suits with both asymmetric and classical silhouettes in primary colors, dresses and blouses made of plain dense and light fabrics, as well as many-layers overalls with decorative elements.

The emotional and philosophical hue of the collection makes the audience immerse into the somatic atmosphere through all the draperies and intricate details, complementing female outlines.