In addition to professional education, the designer of the Sensus Couture brand Nikita Boginsky, has very extensive work experience in the sphere of production of designer clothes. The career of the designer, constitutes a cooperation with such famous designers as – Igor Gulyaev, Evgenia Malygina (Pirosmani), BESSARION, Alexander Arutyunov. With Igor Gulyaev, work began with the sources of creation of IG fashion house. In that boundary when the settled fur designer began to submit the Russian catwalk evening dresses. During this period, the designer of the Sensus Couture brand get wealth of experience not only in creation of seasonal collections and the embodiment of the ideas in reality, but also in management of fashion house, its obligations represented a wide range, from purchases prior to direct meetings with clients. For the Georgian brand Bessarion, Sensus Couture has created the capsule of sweatshirts with an author's embroidery to seasonal display of AW15, and for Alexander Arutyunov carried out work on decorative registration of accessories and footwear for the podiumny presentation of SS16.


Brand symbol, the eclipse, a unique natural phenomenon when the sun and the moon, an embodiment of day and night meet, two of them, it would seem incompatible spaces in one of which the refinement and elegance, an in another lives dynamics and aggressively bright moods. It is in turn similar to how in style of things of the Sensus Couture brand two adjoin additional, absolutely polar at first sight designs.


One of the basic principles in product creation, for a brand is the mental and vital reach for public. Images are thought over taking into account an opportunity, kind of independent lowering or increase in degree of creativity by clients of a brand. Thus, an opportunity appears how to collect aggressive total look, and with ease to mix separate products, entering them into the clothes. During creation of the images the designer is in fixed finding solutions which will allow to offer public unique design products in high-quality and professional execution, on the most optimal price. Thus, Sensus Couture aims to introduce mood of intellectual design and culture couture even in the simplest and available things.


Sensus Couture positions itself as a design brand out of a format of simple sales proposition. In fact the designer doesn't offer the public just utilitarian cover in which not cold in the winter or which just covers nakedness. Adhering to this postulate, the Sensus Couture brand regards the works as the offer of information outline, he suggests to try on on himself aura of the character created by it, offers an opportunity to create nature. In fact, fashion industry, this production of impressions. Therefore for the designer of a brand, the seasonal presentations of dry saloon type shaded only by music are always insufficiently. The designer of the Sensus Couture brand Nikita Boginsky, sets as the purpose, to place public of fashionable display in the separate otherworldly space inhabited by heroes of that story which he tells in this season. And anyone, from mystical "Something" and mysterious space beings, to historical persons or images of the present can be these heroes. In other words – Sensus Couture creates the character, studies it, gets into a sense of his personality and tells about is mute the short saga which without fail shall cause desire to conjecture what was to in public and what will be later, and the main thing, desire to try on this story on itself.


The basis is to cause in the viewer the indissoluble line of trust to truthfulness of feelings around this character, full value of his aura, truthfulness of that, the witness of what he became.

In work on the images of Sensus Couture always observes the verified proportion between creative approach and competent product-management, for creation of a product, capable to become not just noticeable fashion event, but capable to observe the accents exerting profitable impact on the subsequent brand development both in respect of commerce, and in respect of high-quality publicity.


"The fashion lives in continued search of novelty. Therefore the corner formula of work of the Sensus Couture brand is a search of innovative approach where it was already repeatedly looked for to you by others. The most valuable, this ability to work with a cliche. To find novelty in what was at all in the public eye, it is the Supreme caste of success. And it is by no means not always a difficult task. The question is in how to see. To see correct art, it is a kind of art in itself."

Sensus Couture, brand which is able to play by rules the brand able to play against rules, the brand able rules to create.