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Slava Zaitsev

Vyacheslav Zaitsev was born in Ivanovo on March 2, 1938.

In 1962 graduated from the Moscow textile Institute. He was appointed artistic Director of the Experimental and technical sewing factory Mosallanejad in the city of Grandmother, where he established the first author's collection of clothing for women in the area and the village. He soon moved to the Union house of models of clothes on Kuznetsky most in Moscow, where he worked for 13 years.

In 1969 the Museum of modern art in new York city successfully hosted the viewing patterns of women's clothing. In 1974, "Review of fashion for 100 years," according to the Czechoslovak magazine "Queta" Vyacheslav Zaitsev took place in the gallery of portraits of prominent artists in the world of fashion.

In 1988 he achieved great success, showcasing a collection of "Russian seasons in Paris" at the Theatre Marigny, and then got right to show their collections in seasons of Haute Couture. In 1989 he won the summit "Five of the best designers of the world" in Tokyo. In 1982, becoming the artistic Director, and in 1988 – Director of the Fashion House on Prospekt Mira, 21, which now bears his name.

Here he creates the country's first professional Theatre of Fashion, now successfully touring in many countries, and the Laboratory of Fashion and model Agency. The most famous masters collection with the same success was shown in new York, Paris, Munich, Florence, Tokyo, new Delhi and other major cities around the world. Based on sketches by V. Zaitsev created the costumes for the performances in many theaters of Moscow and St. Petersburg; he has successfully cooperated with many famous athletes, artists and singers. The initiator of numerous competitions, held annually in different cities of Russia. The author of the books "is Such a volatile fashion" and "This many-sided world of fashion", an album of poems and drawings, "I owe everything to Providence," and of the book-album "Slava Zaitsev. Secrets Of Seduction". Member of the Russian Academy of arts, laureate of the prize of the Russian President and Government awards of the Russian Federation, honorary citizen of Russia, as well as in the cities of Ivanovo and Paris. Awarded medals "For merits before Fatherland" IV degree, "Badge of Honor", "For professionalism and business reputation" of the I degree, order of "St. Constantine the Great and Ivan Kalita", the medal "For labour valour".