Te Amo Couture by Oskanovi

In 2013 Leila and Fatima Oskanovs founded brand “Te Amo Couture”, which based on production evening and wedding dresses, also casual clothing.

The main event for beginning became a participation in the High Fashion Week in Moscow, where they presented their first collection by name “Bohemia” and spent a show.

In a short time brand “Te Amo Couture” gained a fame and became to be a demand.

In 2015 Oskanovs took part in an exhibition in Paris, where were presented author works of masters around the world. One of the national brand’s dresses were sent to Paris for storage in Sorbonne museum.

In 2016 Oskanovs presented their collection in America, at “Plitz New York Fashion Week”. Repeatedly, products of brand were presented in Kremlin, and also at various events. Every year, brand presents evening dresses for participants of a beauty’s contest, which has been helding since 1995 in one of the best universities of country, “Moscow State University”.

And the main award of Oskanovs is the diploma for contribution in development’s economy of Ingushetia and multi-year work activity from the head of Ingushetia. 

Foundation of design philosophy “Te Amo Couture” focus on elegance and femininity. The brand emphasizes independence and individuality of each woman, attaching her image a mystery. Keeping a balance between quality and elegance, the brand creates exclusive outfits with hints of Romance and charm.


Te Amo Couture by Oskanovi