year of foundation:
Elena Vassa

The project Vassa & Co was conceived in early 2000 to create a conceptually new Russian brand, comparable by its popularity with the leaders of the world fashion trend.

Elena Vassa becomes a chief designer of the brand. The style and the author's handwriting determined the development strategy for the future of the brand. Designer’s experience, her desire to develop her own line of women's clothing, realizing her original ideas and innovative approaches to fashion, formed a real Vassa&Co style. Today, the company Vassa & Co is a vast network of shops in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities with a common style solutions in a constructive spirit of minimalism. Corporate identity of Vassa & Co customer service is based on individual approach to each client and brand loyal and professionalism staff. Such a serious expansion on Russian clothing market, in spite of a highly competition, has become possible due to teamwork of professionals, gathered under the the flag of Vassa & Co. The designer’s originality of ideas come to life every day with the creative team of professionals. This contributes to a strong industrial base of the company, which guarantees high quality products.

Brand Vassa & Co is a design and commerce at the same time. Small parties of products, the lack of a petty desire to save, use of a high quality natural fabrics, accessories and the latest innovative technologies and skilled labor is the key to successful brand development. Brand Vassa & Co is a prestige and accessibility - the main arguments of relentlessly growing consumer demand during 10 years. The most important element to get a success on the Russian market was originally a single, holistic approach in collection and stores design, image and advertising. The past few years is only the beginning for the ascent on Olympus of fashion world. These years were a wonderful transformation into a well-known and recognizable brend Vassa & Co, that was gained thousands of loyal fans. In fact, there is no miracle. There is a proper strategy of brand building: its presentation, identifying the target audience, pricing, reputation and methods of marketing promotion.

Currently, the company pays special attention to developing brand retail network in Russia and abroad through local partners in franchising. Recent years the company has successfully promoted on the Russian market Vassa&Co collection of menswear, established on the principle of Total Look, and now presented in a 4-store brand network in Moscow. Men's line is completely produced on the best Italian factories. We use only the high quality products from leading European manufacturers.