Ekaterina Voronina

I started my brand Voronina Ekaterina in 2016, when I made the first menswear collection. I mainly specialize in men's clothing, but I also sew women's, especially this can be seen in my latest collection, which is agender, respectively, there are also women's garments. At the moment I have 3 collections. Usually, before creating a collection, I donʼt think specifically about trends at that time, so basically each collection is an expression of thoughts, attitudes, experiences. I have keywords that go through each of my collections, which I consider the brandʼs DNA: deconstruction, romanticism, volume, layering, quality, work clothes, Japanese style, haute couture. I would like to develop the brand more in the luxury direction, but also start doing basic things for the consumer, play with the graphics, so that different audience could get interested and understand the final product. I would like to dress both women and men; I am interested in working in two segments.