year of foundation:
Yulia Krasnyanskaya

The designer Julia Krasnyanskaya has been working under her own name since 2014. Her collections are subject to strict rules of geometry, proportion and natural balance. The color combinations define the mood, once in a while luring into philosophical discussions. The collections of jewelry and clothing have not yet assumed a general character; they appear separately, not obeying the laws of the fashion world.

The inspiration to create the collection “Fragrance” became a morning garden, when the midday heat is so far and the coolness of dew, like a heavenly juice, covers the glaze of the first berry ovaries. Blossoms, wonderful buds, berries with droplets of juice decorate the rings and earrings, accentuating the entire natural beauty and femininity. “To dress up oneself is pleasure”. The collection uses pearls and Swarovski crystals, the shape and the color of which create a sense of a delicate aesthetic image of a half-magic heroine.