Yulia Kosyak

The Yulia Kosyak brand was founded in 2007 in the city of St. Petersburg, the designer of a suit Yulia Kosyak.          


 "The suit philosophy appearing through its visible forms and metamorphoses happening to the person and space round it – that interests and is the module of design creativity of the Yulia Kosyak brand.

Feature of author's vision that each of suits modifiers can be dressed in ten different ways, and transforming suits can easily change the silhouette and a form, turning into elegant daily things", etc.



The philosophy of fashionable reading of a brand during the period till 2012 was directed to  creation of an esthetics of reality of a thing in time.

As the main element of display of this story a series of suits architectons from the Ekvilibrium series acted. Projects with use and working off of author's technologies of assembly, modular designing and transfer of design and technological features and decisions  in line suits прет - and - Sitarium port, etc.

To each line from a collection series of graphic works as display the movement of time in the space organized by means of a suit taking into account plasticity of invoices of its environment and creation of its visual vision as other reality were created.


- The suit is formed Wednesday in which it lives,

Clothes by the person on which it is dressed.


Since 2012 Art lines of a suit start existing in theatrical performances and are presented in a look the podiumnykh of Fashion Show. There are allocated lines Pret-a-porte, ready to sale. Work on layered technologies in clothes with uses the smeshannkh the technician is conducted, lyuminografichesky receptions on introduction in a suit the svetograficheskikh of elements, etc. are applied.


   Yulia Kosyak - the member of the Union of Artists of Russia, the designer vanguard, theatrical, conceptual and suits pret-and port. The direction of creativity – art transformations and a suit modifier. I passed some training in Paris, during one of which participated in preparation of an exhibition of Madeleine Vionnet in Les Arts Decoratifs.